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  E-Area, 2009
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  • E-AREA team
    . Federico Díaz, Marek Růžička, Lukáš Kurilla, Miroslav Strigáč, Filip Dubský
  • Location
    . Masarykova railway station, Prague, Czeh Republic

. The proposal is based on similar concept which many of the prestigious galleries in the world use today. Designed on site, that is exceptional not only for its proximity to the centre, may that have a rich historic background or not, but also the spatial quality and potential to create a real 'jewel' within a 'rocky hillside'.

Prague is a popular destination for visitors from around the world. The city attracts travellers with its particularly rich history and unique atmosphere. This contributes well to he natural configuration of the Metropole. Located in the valley with views to the river as well as the green panorama of undeveloped ridges extending to the very center of town, makes this piece of urban structure even more exciting. Many people who come here are therefore interested in the cultural monuments, art and the city itself, which is why galleries and museums make an excellent target destination.

. The concept lies in a mass enclosed sketch, which opposes the building block in the near proximity of the Masarykova station site. It is the organic shape that unites the entire territory. In this case the simplistic rules of altitude levels, street lines, the traditional concept of doors, windows and other architectural elements does not apply. It acts more like a new landscape element which gives Prague its characteristic face, similar to the Hill Vítkov. The form is based on several key points, which serve as spread centres for the lines of force that restrain and lead the shape of the envelope. The final mass can eventually absorb the interference of automobile traffic and increases the overall value of surrounding areas, while keeping the Masarykova railway station fully operational.