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  ONL[Oosterhis_Lénárd], 2011
.project graphics
  • ONL[Oosterhuis Lénárd] team
    . Kas Oosterhuis, Pieter Schreurs, Miroslav Strigáč
  • Location
    . Eindhoven, The Netherlands

. Klimwanden is project for a series of Climbing sport facilities within student's housing. Climbing wall for Eindhoven is a tender submission design, created for the Mountain Network company.

. The Climbing wall has been designed within an existing complex of students housing, mixed with some sports facilities. The constraining volume is a two level free space hall with the height of 15 m.

. Project has a design principle based on a set of polylines, ultimately controlling the triangulated shape. This simple rule gives the opportunity to style the surface according to the needs of the professional climber as well as those of the ONL powerlines aesthetics. The result creates a continuous surface flow with folds created through the artists impression.

. Plywood boards is a cheap, easy to work with and structurally strong enough material, which has been chosen for the realisation of Klimwanden projects. This also applied for the Eindhoven tender.