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  ONL[Oosterhis_Lénárd], 2011
.project graphics
  • ONL[Oosterhuis Lénárd] team
    . Kas Oosterhuis, Gijs Joosen, Pieter Schreurs, Miroslav Strigáč
  • Location
    . Amsterdam, The Netherlands

. The 'no budget' interiors for Klimwanden sport facilities were based on the same design principles but with completely separate approaches. While the Dordrecht interior is located on separate levels, the interior in Amsterdam on the other hand is one open and continuous single level space.

. The Amsterdam design features a Bar and Lounge with genuine fireplace, a Library with reading room, the Mountain Network shop, a Kitchen, Toilets, Dressing rooms and a variety of dining places distributed along the glazed wall with access to the Terrace.

. The interior consists of several design elements/areas, each representing its own spatial domain, yet communicating together through the continuously flowing ONL 'Powerlines'. These curves create the design lead and determine the fold lines of each of the elements surface with a certain continuity.

.Used materials are Chinese dark grey stone tiling in 60x60, Betonplex plywood boards in 60x60, 120x60 and nonstandard custom milled, and plasterboard plates for the ceiling cover.