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  E-Area, 2010
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  • E-AREA team
    . Federico Díaz, Miroslav Strigáč
  • Location
    . private residence, Rome, Italy

. The Dendron Fluid Tree is a sculpture study placed on the terrace wall of a private residence in Italy. The main aim was to create a fluid-like sculpture, capturing a certain stage of the liquids movement.

. Referring to the heritage of renaissance artificial grotto caves, an idea arose, which would imitate the natures genuine beauty by generating an artificial tree. The tree however wold have to occupy only certain places on the villas terrace wall.

. The base growth structure is established in the process of Diffused-Limitted Aggregation /DLA/. Starting with the Brownian Motion of a step by step processed particles, a computer generated 'Brownian tree' can be created. The structure itself grows from the by designer placed initial points. These are essential and responsible for the structures form as well as complexity, as they represent the potential number of new growth locations in the process. The final fluid quality is then represented by metaball particles distributed and varied within the paths, thus capturing the fluid motion in the 'trees veins'.