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  ONL[Oosterhis_Lénárd], 2011
.project graphics
  • ONL[Oosterhuis Lénárd] team
    . Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lénárd, Gijs Joosen, Ilaria Giardello, Miroslav Strigáč, Lieneke van Hoek
  • Location
    . Airports of major Cities, Worldwide

. The AOM project features a complete merge of the real and the virtual. The ambition is that the virtual reality of information content is experienced as real while the visitors experience the real physical environment as a virtual sensation.

. Information is the key factor to the design concept. The AOM Launchpad constantly reads, processes and sends information to the people and to the other AOM Launchpads.

. The incoming information informs the structure to absorb more data, to increase the resolution of the images and to radiate streaming videos, eventually informing the structural components of the built structure themselves to move and change their positions, thus forming the personal environment for the identified guest entering the AOM Launchpad. The virtual instructs the physical reality as tocustomize its shape and to unfold its content.

. The AOM Launchpad can transform itself from one mode into another, traveling through all the intermediate steps.